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The greatest challenge facing salons today is how to manage all the time-consuming accounting and managerial tasks and still have enough energy left to perform at their absolute best.

That is why Hairware and Beautyware has been so well received by salons throughout Australia, Asia and New Zealand throughout the last twenty two years. Hairware and Beautyware continues to evolve based on industry needs, advances in technology and government and accounting regulations and approximately every four years the Beautyware program is completely redeveloped.

While Hairware and Beautyware helps salons with the management and accounting side of the business, it also has some outstanding features that allow salons to develop the service side of their operations. This means that salon operators have more time to focus on delivering exceptional client service.

Such service may include anything from a client tailored VIP Loyalty Program and comprehensive client information file to what type of beverage a client likes and whether they want to have their appointment confirmed by SMS. All these special features are designed to help salons stay on top of each clients individual needs. Leaving clients with a favourable impression means repeat business and more word-of-mouth referrals.


  • EASY

    Hairware and Beautyware is the easiest Salon Software program to use. We guarantee it. You don’t need computer experience to use this program.


    Manage your entire business with just one software package. In addition to all of the other features, Hairware and Beautyware also does your BAS and wages.


    Customer service is always at hand. Our support team are there to help you. Speak to a real person in a language you can understand.


    Build your business with our “Auto Marketing”. A set once SMS and Email marketing business building tool. Its quick, simple and saves you time.


    There are several packages from just software to complete Point of Sale systems, Buy lease or subscribe; the choice is yours.


    We provide unlimited SMS so you can communicate with your clients.  Don’t pay more elsewhere. We offer unlimited SMS messages for just $30 per month.


    Hairware Beautyware has been used by Hairdressers and Beauty Therapist since 1985. With over 30 years of experience, we are leaders in the industry.