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YES, you can connect to the salon 24/7. Best of all it does not interfere with the salon using Hairware or Beautyware. The salon doesn’t see what you see, you can make appointments at the same time as the salon makes appointments, check reports and see how your staff is performing.

YES, we can convert data from most other software companies, not just other salon software brands. In fact we often do it.

YES, Hairware has a great support team available 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday). If you want to speak to someone directly, you can call us at 0800 438 663. Your call won’t be ignored, we take every single incoming call, and we do it pretty quick too! Our friendly team will do their best to satisfy your query, or to solve any technical issues.

If you need help outside our business hours, you can send us an email and a Hairware team member will reply to you the next working day.

YES, it’s easy to use. Hairware and Beautyware have been supplying salon software in Australia and New Zealand for more than 30 years. 99% of the program can be used without a mouse. No computer experience is needed.

YES, it’s easy to use. Hairware and Beautyware have been supplying salon software in Australia for more than 30 years. 99% of the program can be used without a mouse. No computer experience is needed.

YES, Hairware Beautyware is your complete salon management system with an accounting package built in. Wages and GST are easy to do, from payslips to group certificates, profit and loss, cashbook, petty cash reports, are all just a few clicks away. Learn more here

NO, We don’t charge you to send emails nor do we fill your emails with third party advertisers. Learn more here

To stay at the forefront of technology we are constantly updating the software every few months, more often when we can. Just click on “check for updates” on your Hairware or Beautyware menu. It’s that easy!

We have several options, you can lease a Hardware & software package, or subscribe with affordable weekly payments including Fusion support and ongoing updates. Our subscription cost can be below what other may charge for ongoing costs such as email or SMS sending.

YES, you can connect your tablet or iPad. You can use this feature to avoid desk congestion, have your clients filling their details on the Client Card App, or consult reports when you are away. You can connect up to 5 iPads or tablets to your salon computer. Talk to our team to see how you can connect your tablet or iPad.

We appreciate your data is a priceless asset for a salon owner, so unlike some other software companies, your database is on your personal computer and can access it anytime you wish.

Not at the moment, but we are working on it and you will be able to run your Hairware software from any kind of computer very soon, including Mac!

With your permission our software is able to connect to your computer and resolve any issues you may have. Monitor your equipment such as your hard drive performance or show you how to do things like bring up a marketing list right on your computer.

First, make sure you download Teamviewer here

YES, we have made hardware easy for all the computer equipment you need. All our computers come with your Hairware Software pre-installed. Get in touch with our team to enquire about hardware.

YES, Because Hairware is not cloud based, your data is stored on your computer. We’ve all seen companies from Apple to Sony being hacked but it’s much less likely that anyone would attempt to hack into an individual computer, than a server with 100’s or 1000’s of databases.

NO. Once again, because we are not cloud based we can’t see your data as it’s not on our computer or server. We don’t offer Benchmarking as it would require us to “analyse” the salon data.

No, but SMS messages may be purchased through the software at a low cost of less than $9 per week

Request your free demo and a specialised member of our team will come to your salon to perform a free demonstration so you can get started. We can set up your salon hardware on software and have you running on the day!

NO. While other companies might add extra costs for number of SMS sent, or characters typed in a SMS, we have a set up fee.

It’s very likely that Hairware will be compatible with your PC based printers, scanners, windows computer and other equipment you already have. If you are not sure, just contact our friendly support staff.

Hairware Beautyware is the only complete salon management. While other salon softwares might offer similar features, Hairware is the only salon management software that features a complete financial management: Our wide range of reports allows you to check your profit and loss, prepare payslips, group certificates, and calculates your GST in seconds.

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