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Have a look below at what some of our existing Hairware Beautyware customers have to say about our Salon Software

Hairware made setting up my salon so smooth and easy. With no hardware costs, I only had to install (and by me I mean Hairware) and go. They supply very friendly and enthusiastic support with no problem too big or small just a phone call away. I am continually impressed with their marketing ideas and tools such as SMS txt messaging, turning a somewhat quiet day, into a busy one in no time at all, all for very minimal cost!Being able to keep track of each service, rebooking, retail, new clients etc each week is a real bonus as it allows me to see what areas we can improve on to continually grow the salon. I couldn’t imagine my salon without it.

To be at the cutting edge of a fast-moving industry like beauty therapy it is imperative that a clinic’s software system is user friendly, increases efficiency and allows us to track and trace the development of our business. Beautyware was easy to use from day one and allowed us to grow our business quickly and efficiently. The Beautyware staff are attentive to our needs and have worked alongside us to ensure this software tool was fully integrated into the business with ease. I highly recommend this software package to all beauty/hair businesses who are considering purchasing or changing their software.

We have never looked back since installing the Beautyware ‘Live’ Online Booking System. With a bad experience using other software (loosing client’s appointments) behind us, we had some reservations but it’s proved itself. Don’t get me wrong… there is the occasional issue with older clients and passwords etc. but most clients, particularly the students just rock with it. We like the security features which mean clients can’t see the complete appointment book and appointments are tied to their mobile phone so no bogus appointments from the opposition. We save on reception time with reduced lengthy treatment explanations and bookings. Playing Email ‘ping- pong’ has been minimised as is the number of missed phone calls. It just happens, the book just pops up with appointments…. lots of appointments! I’d recommend it to any salon.

Yes, we have changed to Beautyware. We absolutely loved our old software system however after our re assessment of our business we decided to look at our options, mainly due to the high on-going costs associated with Kitomba.
After a six month search and a strong recommendation from another salon we decided on Beautyware as it looked great and allowed cost effective text confirmations and marketing which meant that we could try new target marketing strategies without worrying about the cost.
We were nervous about changing to a new program as previous experiences had not gone well however Ian prepared us well for the changeover and clients (most importantly) were not impacted, in fact most did not notice a change.
The Beautyware support has been great and Ian has made me feel confident to ask any question without feeling uncomfortable and help me understand in business language rather than geek. In contrast, our previous support was often blunt and unfriendly.
I would recommend Beautyware ‘head & shoulders’ to a salon and have done so already. There are a couple of features from the old program we miss however Beautyware more than makes up for that with stock control and reporting are ‘quicker & easier’.
All this, combined with great text pricing, means we can now save between $200-$500 a month which makes a huge difference to our bottom line.

In a busy salon you need a salon management system that is easy to use and adds value to your business. You also need suppliers you can work with and trust. Cost is important however it’s the software’s return on investment that makes the real difference to salon performance and profitability. The programs clear ‘step by step’ process from stock control to client cards simplifies more complex tasks and Hairware’s reports are easy to understand and work with. I have used Hairware for over six years and it is my preferred system. We have so many stylists and reception staff using the network system in a day, for me, it’s just easier to use and it works well. I have no hesitation in recommending Hairware and the team at Salon Support to any salon.

I believe ‘Business Success’ is about measuring the numbers, then tracking and responding to them. Face and Body Clinics have ‘Beautyware’ to thank for measuring and monitoring their success on a daily basis. The professionalism and support Beautyware provides is noteworthy and their support team can talk a stressed Beauty Therapist through all their computer concerns and customer marketing glitches; via the telephone, anywhere in the World. This company is passionate about personalising their work in the Beauty and Hair Industry and I have no hesitation in recommending them to all that require a Software programme with a heart in it!!

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