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What’s new


New Features and Enhancements

  • New Email Sender – The new email sender allows for email settings other than the internet service provider.
    Now Gmail, live and other general ISP SMTP emails may be used.
  • Added the “Appointments Total Value” when making an appointment, The value is displayed at the top
    right corner of the appointment selection window.
  • Client search has been made easier. Now the search for a client prompt appears as soon as the F9 Client
    screen is opened, without having to first choose Find Client from the Menu.
  • Added the ability to resend a single email via the Email Log on clicking ‘Resend’, it will show the email
    address used for the failed email. If the email address is updated and saved, it will be updated in the client
  • Updated the Email Log to show the subject of the email and details if the email fails.
  • Updated stock imports, will now update the new stock details if the barcode exists while preserving the
    salons stock levels.
  • Online bookings will account for resources and/or room availability when selecting available times.
  • Client Salutations have been modernised and updated HB Software, Client apps and Online Booking.


New features

  • Online Booking reports
  • Sustainable Fee – You now have the ability to automatically add a sustainable fee surcharge for services at point of sale

Feature enhancements

  • Group Flags – New colours for your group flags
  • Updated the client referred by options with social media options
  • Added the option to password protect duties
  • You can now search for a service when booking an appointment
  • Updated the client card referred by and gender options
  • General bug fixes


  • General bug fixes
  • New feature: Clients can now add a message to their Online Booking appointment, this will appear in their appointment as a note
  • New feature: SMS are now sent when Online Bookings appointments are made


  • Fixed an issue with the menu performance on network pc’s